field report. stump & rock picking team.

After weeks of picking rocks from a field we transformed from forest, this most honorable team was happy to see me planting a green manure crop oats and peas. Their work was done, for now, and it was time to rest. Thank you Keven, Harold, Chuck, Cliff, Dave, and Ronan, L to R.

The forest went through a 6 month review process – with the forester and ecologist to identify land that was relatively flat and not wetlands, then presentations and sign offs by the USDA, Northeast Kingdom wetlands chief, and finally the Vermont Land Trust. Then a month of harvesting the wood, sending the few hardwood and softwood logs to the saw mill a few miles away and making huge piles of wood chips, which will be food for the soil. A month of harvesting stumps and rocks followed.

It is dry now, I tasted the dirt of of the land for dinner. Tomorrow afternoon the rains will come.